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Accepted Talks

Title Authors
ICE Pack - A new concept for Individual Content Elements Jo Hasenau
Designed for Excellence. TYPO3 5.0's problem solving capabilities in real world applications. Daniel Hinderink, Robert Lemke
Why (and how) the Java Content Repository rocks the content management world Boris Kraft
Don't call us, we'll call you. - Optimize your T3 projects by using a PHP-Framework Peter Foerger
Company Management and Collaboration with TYPO3 Soeren Schaffstein
Increasing usability by using AJAX for frontend and backend forms in TYPO3 Stefan Bauer, Michael Fritz
Using taxonomies to organize your pages and content Mads Brunn
Implementing a JSR-283 Content Repository in PHP Karsten Dambekalns
Standardizing the Content Repository David Nuescheler
TYPO3 - I18N, L10N, Translation Daniel Zielinski, Andreas Otto
Extension hacking Lars Houmark, Henning Pingel
"Let's Get Stronger": OpenID and other Advanced Concepts for Secure TYPO3 Logon Ekkehard Gümbel
Introducing MySQL Clustering for TYPO3 with 'Sequoia' Open Source Software Ekkehard Guembel
TYPO3 for educational institutions Claudio Cathomen
Inspiring to compare Antje Möller, Gina Steiner, Thomas Hempel, Wolfgang Schröder
TYPO3 Frontend Rendering Michael Stucki
XPDL-based workflow with TYPO3 Peter Niederlag
20 Things you may not know about TYPO3 Jochen Weiland
User oriented communication. The personas method and its practical use Juergen Egeling, Prof. Dr. Frank Thissen
Development with TYPO3 5.0 Robert Lemke
PHP 6 Unicode and i18n Robert Lemke and Karsten Dambekalns
TYPO3 Association Questions & Answers Juergen Egeling
TYPO3 4.x - Next steps to go Ingo Renner

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