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There are four airports in the vicinity of Karlsruhe:

Unfortunately, the travel times can vary greatly. By car you can get stuck on the autobahn (Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Straßbourg especially). By train you might miss one train, wait one hour, and then find that the next train is delayed. Here are a few suggestions that we offer:

Arriving via Baden-Airpark

Baden Airpark is served by a few "economy" carriers like Ryan Air. There are a few bus connections (Monday to Friday only) connecting to Baden-Baden train station, or you can take a taxi there. From there you can go by train to Karlsruhe. If you happen to catch a S4 regional train you don't have to get off at Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof. That train will take you right to the conference location at tramstop Augartenstraße.

For travellers using a Ryan Air flight from/to London-Stanstead there is a shuttle bus connecting the flight with Karlsruhe main station. That's two tram stops from the conference location. Tickets are sold by the bus driver for 10 Euros (cash only!) for a one-way ticket. Look for the bus to Karlsruhe-Pforzheim-Stuttgart.

For people using a Ryan Air flight from/to Rome or Barcelona, there is a different bus line connecting the flights with Karlsruhe-Durlach train station. Take S4 or S41 to go to the conference hotel. That bus line costs 7 Euro one-way. Look for the Hahn-Express bus line to Durlach-Heidelberg-Mannheim-Ludwigshafen.

You can also rent a car at the airport. Take Autobahn A5 towards Frankfurt and follow the "by car" instructions.

Arriving via Strasbourg

Strasbourg airport is connected to public transportation by train (station Strasbourg-Etzheim) and a shuttle bus to the Strasbourg tram. You probably will have to change trains at Strasbourg central station and maybe again in Kehl if you go by train.

If you go by car, take A35 north to Strasbourg, N4 east across the border to Kehl, then A5 north to Karlsruhe.

Arriving via Stuttgart

The chances of going by train from Stuttgart airport to Karlsruhe are slighty better than from Baden-Airpark, but it is still a bit complicated. You first take a S-Bahn local train to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (main station). From there it is about one hour by train to Karlsruhe, but you might have to wait a while to get a connection.

By car it is about an hour drive via the Autobahn (A8) to Karlsruhe. See how to come to Karlsruhe by car.

Arriving via Frankfurt

In our opinion the best way to travel from Frankfurt airport to Karlsruhe is by train. There are two train stations located at terminal 1. The most convenient are direct trains to Karlsruhe which take only about one hour. These trains leave from the Fernbahnhof station. Depending on the time of your arrival, you might have to use a non-direct connection and change trains at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, Mainz or Mannheim. Trains for non-direct connections might leave at either Fernbahnhof or Regionalbahnhof. So be careful to pick the right station.

Your other choice is to take a car on Autobahn A5 south toward Karlsruhe. You should expect to travel about 1:45 hours for the trip.